Successful Marketing Campaign Strategy

TOP 10 TIPSYou have an amazing product and you want people to know it. So how do get their attention when there’s already so much information being shouted at them?

Creating a campaign will boost your brand awareness and get your product seen by the right people. Here are my 5 easy steps to take when creating a successful marketing campaign.

1. Prepare a mission statement. This can be a couple of sweet sentences to a short descriptive paragraph about product and who you are. Think about what makes you different from your competitors and why people should trust you to sell them something they want.

2. Target your audience. Targeting your audience makes your campaign much more effective. Find out what your audience is doing in their spare time, what are they spending money on, what websites are they visiting, what are their interests? You need to use your stalking skills for this one! You can also use websites such as Google Alerts, Social Mention & SEO Book  to see who your competitors are targeting and getting attention.

Take a gander on this page to see other tools you can use to monitor your competitors

3. Describe your services. Even though you have already told us what you are selling in the Mission Statement, make sure you let your audience know exactly how to find & buy your product. Use website links, descriptive info about your product, testimonials if you’re feeling fancy, prices, how to buy, when they will receive their product etc. The more they know, the more they will trust you.

4. Landing Page. For any campaign, you ALWAYS need a landing page. This could be one of your social media platforms or a website. Let people know how easy it is for them to find you and buy your product. Create a countdown to the launch, do a  fun competition, get engaging with your could – be – customers. Use tools such as Facebook / Instagram promotions if you want to reach more people, these can be cheap and cost effective if used properly. Make sure your landing page is themed around your brand, so think about how you want to come across. What language/ tone do you think is appropriate for you target audience, colours, images, news, topics?

5. Analytics. This may sound boring and time consuming but it really isn’t, Google Analytics makes things easy for you. It should be exciting to see how much progress you are making, where your referrals are coming from and how your customers are finding you. Keep track of this and try new things if they aren’t working already.

More Tips!

  • Set realistic goals
  • Try find customers who will provide you with ongoing business
  • Be loyal to your loyal customers. Offer them discounts, set up a system when someone buys something, you will be able to identify them. Anything to make a more personal experience for the customer.
  • Set up an E-mail subscribe list. MailChimp is my fave way to do this.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is a natural part of the process. Trail – and – error.

The Ancient Secret To Being Productive

FirTalking Businessst of all, I would like to apologize for my absence this past week. I have been bed ridden with tonsillitis and a nasty virus that took all my energy & focus.. But now I’m back to business with a new blog inspired by my time off. Read ahead to learn  the secret to success.

Finding The Time.

Whilst I’m working a full time job, trying to keep up a social life, a loving relationship and in the middle of an Internship process with Sony Music – Finding the time to work on my business is difficult.

It wasn’t until I was browsing the weird side of Youtube where I found out what the Japanese do to succeed and beat laziness.

Following this principle taught me to not only how to be more productive in my business but also to apply it to everyday mundane tasks. So what is this secret you’re dying to know!?

改善 (Kaizen)

Kai = Change. Zen = Good.  Meaning in English, Continuous Improvement”

There is a long story dating back from World War 2,  but I’ll leave you to research that in your own time as what I want to talk about it applying it to everyday life.

The 1 Minute rule. Basically, what I have learnt so far from doing this, is that little progress matters. You look at your fat stack of work to do and you don’t want to do it as it will take hours of concentration and you just don’t have the energy to start. Well! the 1 minute rule is simple, you just do it for 1 minute and that’s it!

I’m a big thinker but a little doer in some cases. Sometimes, things are too much for me and I don’t even know where to start. So, take a minute and start from the beginning.

I write for a minute, and if I can go on longer then that’s even better! I’ll write a quick e-mail, send a quick message just to get the ball rolling.

So try doing something that your don’t want to do for one minute every day or even a few times a day. Little progress is better than none!



I just want to say a huge thank you for everyone supporting those hurt by last week’s attack in Manchester. Though I have lived in numerous cities around the UK, Manchester will always be my home. Manchester is the most diverse, kindest, unique and supportive city and I am proud and privileged to have grown up there.



Manchester Bee

Marketing Tips: Social Media Scheduling

TalkinggeneralTo get the most out of your posts, here are some tips on how to make sure your content gets the attention it deserves.

1st  When you’re promoting your content on social media platforms, first state the title of your post with a link to your main page , include a relevant and high quality image and #’s as they are your keywords

2nd When you share the post for the second time, state an interesting fact/ detail about your post.

3rd Post it for the third time to create intrigue. This could be an unfinished question,  an interesting sentence or anything that will make the viewer click to view more.

These tips enable you to get more mileage out of your content and increase its shelf life.

SocialMedia Schduling

Video Content

  • Increases click through rates
  • Can increase conversation
  • 70% of Google top searches are videos
  • Easy for PR to find you
  • 30 second videos have 88.3% completion rate
  • Boosts social media shares and engagement
  • Builds brand awareness

Mental Health @ Work

IMG_4525As my way of supporting #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, I’ve decided to write a short blog on how to deal with mental illness whilst in the workplace. This isn’t some patronizing blog about how to ignore your illness and to just ‘’be strong’.’ I suffer from Depression and Anxiety myself and so do a lot of my close family & friends. So here’s a little advice from me to you that I’ve used throughout the years of struggling with mental illness to get me through work.

You’re Okay

On that off day or week or month when you feel like giving up and think there’s no hope, or you really can’t be arsed to do anything. I sit quietly for moment by myself, drink a good cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette and think. You’re okay, you know?..”

Everyone needs to have that safe place where they can take a moment for themselves and if you need that moment of reflection whilst you’re a work, take it! Your health and happiness is more important than anything and if you were to let your boss know that you were feeling a little off, they would most likely understand you taking a breather.

Reassure yourself of the good things you have. You have a home – Yeah it could be better, but at least you have a warm place to go back to after a rough day with all your belongings and memories. Cook a tasty meal and binge through your Netflix list in your P.J’s and most important, don’t feel guilty about it! There’s nothing wrong with taking some time to get cosy and let the mood take over you until is passes. Because it will pass.

Thoughts, Feelings & Behavior Cycle.

When I feel like I’m spiraling in a downwards cycle of hopelessness, I remind myself how the brain works and how I am in control.

  1. First thing is your thoughts. CBT

For example, you’re thinking about how you did something wrong at work.

  1. Feelings

You’re feeling useless, stupid, embarrassed and unwanted

  1. Behavior

Because of your thoughts and feelings, you respond by not trying at work and eventually taking days off because you don’t care enough to go in.

So how do you break this cycle? You can’t just think happy thoughts and feel instantly better and  for those who say that you can,  are probably not actually depressed.

This is how you break the cycle.

Your behavior. You wish you could just think happy thoughts and everything will get better but it’s never that easy. You have to get up, get ready and push yourself to do what you need to do. If you want to change jobs, then you actively search, if you want a promotion or respect then you work hard to earn it. Breaking the cycle at the behavior changes your thoughts & feelings. You would think that today was not as bad as you thought, then you would feel proud, motivated, and then your behavior would change again and again and again. This is how you change the downward cycle into a upward cycle.

If you would like to chat a little more about this topic, please feel free to e-mail.

5 Top Tips: Starting a Successful Business

IMG_4521As a young entrepreneur myself, I want to talk about the steps you need to take for starting a successful business. Running a business takes a strong mind, creativity and the motivation to start something new – which if you are here, you’re already on the path to driving a business to success.

Here are the most important things I have learnt so far about starting a business.


1.The Name

Many people believe that this doesn’t matter until much later on in the process of starting a business, but with a name you can develop everything around it. Do some brainstorming, what represents you? Who am I as a business owner? What does my business offer? How am I unique? Once you have your name, make sure to register it so everything is official.

2. Goals & Values

All businesses have their Goals and Values. Think about what you value and the morals you want for your business. Maybe you want your business to be ‘friendly to the environment’? So, build your brand and image around that. Your logo, colour scheme, website and even the way you communicate can represent this. Think big with your goals. Really believe in what you have to offer and every once else will too. Talk about your business with confidence and always introduce yourself to new networks with a business card. These aren’t too costly to buy online and they make a bold professional statement to potential customers or business relations.

3. Outgoings V’s Income

Starting a business can be costly but there are ways to avoid spending. First of all, set up a business bank account and whatever you do, DO NOT DIP into it for personal use! Keep track of everything you spend from coffees with clients to computers with receipts and an excel page. When you develop, you can start thinking about having an accountant. Another way to save time and money is to think about who you know and not only what they can do for you, but what you can do for them. For example, I run the record label, OMNI. Records. This is a very expensive business to be in and it’s mostly investment with income being spread left, right and centre. Ways I manage to cut costs is use my contacts to their full potential. I know talented producers from university who want to make a name for themselves, so I offer experience to build up a portfolio and allow them to use the music they produce to use again. Of course, they will be paid either upfront and/or with royalties but because of my relationships with people, I trust them to do a good job, they can give me a decent deal and all whilst I help them earn money and develop their experience plus knowing I can get things done in a timely and cost effective manner.

 4. Research

Know the market that are pursuing. Look at your competitors and make notes of what they’re doing to target their audience. You need to know where your customers are, their interests and everything else they are looking at online.  Once you can target your audience, getting on social media websites to promote and boots your awareness will be much more effective. Keywords, google analytics, Ad words and Facebook Ads are all resources that can help you achieve this.

5. Love What You Do

So you’re running a business and its crazy stressful. E-mails, texts and phone calls will be rolling in and you can’t control everything.  Find time to love what you do, this is what you’ve worked so hard for and your business wasn’t built overnight. Develop new contacts and hire trustworthy employees who can you help you run things smoothly. Running a successful business is not a one man job, you need to surround yourself with motivated people who encourage you to succeed.

10 Top Tips: Creating a Business Website


A website is the home of your business and here are the top 10 tips for creating an effective website for your business that will help you increase your stats, e-mail lists and interaction.

Using Keywords for SEO.

Using keywords (or short phrases) allow Google to categorize your website. For example, if you’re a photographer in London who mostly captures landscape, nature and travel images; Landscape, travel, nature, outdoors, photography, London would be your keywords and the more you use these keywords on your website and in your meta descriptions, the more effective they will be and the more Google will trust your page leading you to a higher ranking.

Do Not: Use white words on a white background that repeat these keywords. Google will find out and lower your Google ranking or even shut down your page!


Using links from your social media websites or having other popular websites have a link to your website will increase your rankings. Again, this shows Google that you are trustworthy, reliable and that your website is related to the keywords that your audience is searching for.

Domain Name.

Your domain name should also include some of your keywords. This makes you website easy to find. You can also buy multiple domain names that lead to the same site that will increase the probability that your page will be found.

Naming your Images.

Another way to increase your rankings that will make it easier for people to find you is naming the images you upload to your site with a relevant name that should include your keywords with commas. For Example, uploading an image that is a landscape image of mountains, you would call it Landscape, photography, mountains, nature.


Descriptive content that is shared (linked) onto other website makes Google aware that your website is worthy of getting more attention. The longer people stay on your website, the bounce rate decreases and your rankings go up and up. Creating videos is a good way to get people to stay on your website for longer. Also, copy-writing. Do not copy text from websites on to your page, not only will Google hate this, but you can get into a lot of trouble.


Make sure it’s easy to navigate around your page. Your visitors should only have to click a maximum of 3 times to get to the page they want. Having too many pages can make things tricky and some pages won’t be as effective as others, making your rankings lower.

Social Media buttons and E-mail.

Having an e-mail subscribing box allows you to retain your visitors by letting your subscribers aware that you have new content on your website. Keep track with Google analytics to be able to target who is opening the e-mail, which page they are landing on and there movement from there.

Up to date.

Keeping up to date on your website with the latest news and content increases your credibility for viewers to come back to view your page.

Use a straight forward layout.

Simply because no one likes clutter as it isn’t pleasant to the eye.

Enjoy it.

You’ve created an amazing website that represents you and your business. Develop it, build a brand around it and nurture it. Your website can tell you a lot about your targeted audience and how to approach them in ways that appeal to them. Keep on top of statistics and watch the views roll in!